This company was created by two brothers-in-law who love sports and love their teams. The idea was conceived one day while they were sitting in a stadium watching one of their favorite teams. They began to see fans leaving the stadium long before the game was over. This goes against everything we believe in. If you are a fan, support your team unconditionally until the very last play. If you are a player, give 100% on the field until the game is over.

Craig and Tom have, as individuals over the years, given generously to charitable organizations for disaster relief, orphan support, shelters, education, etc. One of the primary considerations when forming this company was to be able to generate a revenue stream to continue and expand that type of commitment to those in need. We have pledged to contribute a majority of the profits from "The Very Last Play" to help people overcome the difficulties of life. We invite you to join us help others by supporting our products.

Our contributions to date include Haitian earthquake relief, Japan tsunami relief, and contributions to orphanages in Russia and Kenya. As we grow and sell more of our products, we look forward to increasing that assistance for those in need. We thank you for your support.

The VLP Mascot: Baxter